From the early times of Judaism, the gates of the city were seen as not only the entrance to civic life but where the elders came to meet, where politics, philosophy, and law were weighed, debated, and decided (see Megillat Rut, ch. 4). In other words, a cool place to hang out, but also a place for men only, in particular the Elders of the City (more on the concept of elders here)

We believe it is high time that women join the conversation about our village and world at large, and thankfully today that is not really a provocative statement. It is, however, a necessary statement in a world in which the discourse still very much is dominated by the Elders of the City, whether that city is Jerusalem, Beijing, Washington, Paris, or Moscow (Sophia expanded on this in August 2012 in “A Blog of One’s Own“)

So here we are – joining the conversation at the Gates of the City and inviting you to join us.


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