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I love football. So does Condoleezza Rice.

The money quote is at 2:07 when she admits that she woke up at 3am to watch the Super Bowl from Israel. Condi, that’s me every football season. I feel your pain. But it’s so worth it. I assume my experiences trying to talk the guys at Lion’s Den or Mike’s Place into switching to the Georgia game is a bit different from what you must have experienced, but there’s nothing like watching your team win when you’re so tired you can only smile.

The video’s a part of a campaign that Sam Gordon got in on (link for our Sam Gordon story above).

I adore this girl’s spunkiness. The whole video is just one big “I rock. Handle it.” My favorite part starts at 1:22

The parents would actually come onto the field and, like, grab their boys by the face mask and be like, ‘You don’t let this girl beat you!’ and they’d get so mad at them, just yelling at them. ‘Get that girl!’ and I’d still beat them [giggle]

I love football. And I love people who love football.

Happy Thanksgivukkah!