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By popular demand (and to prove again that sane is boring) here is another look into conversations Vera and Sophia have across the Atlantic.

Thank you Viber

Sophia: Forget about Thanksgivukkah. Do you know what happens on March 17?!

Vera: Sct. Patrick’s Day. Like every year?

Sophia: well… look!!!

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Sophia: It’s the Irish! And the Jews!

Vera: Nice

Sophia: All my peoples!

Vera: Dude

Sophia: don’t [editorial note: Vera calls people dude. Sophia is trying to get her to stop. At least with her. Vera then threatened to call her sister suffragette, but that is too long. So she defaults into dude. a lot]

Vera: dudette, you *can not* be Irish too

Sophia: oh, but i so can!

Vera: no way! you can’t claim both Ireland and Spain as yours. [editorial note: Sophia has a Spanish last name. From before her family got expelled in 1492. She’s still bitter about that but proud of her Sephardic heritage.]

Sophia: And Portugal. And Scandinavia. And all things Jewish

Vera: see what I mean?

Sophia: Hey – real friends let other friends claim ALL THE COUNTRIES

Vera: Really?

Sophia: Yes

Vera: Ok. you can be irish-spanish-jewish queen of all the lands

Sophia: Excellent. I shall rule with wisdom and benevolence

Vera: I am sure

Sophia: So, how bummed out are you that you’re not in Jerusalem this year for St. Pur-Trick?

Vera: Devastated. Not even joking.

Sophia: I know. But next year…

Vera:…. go ahead. Say it.

Sophia: Next year in Jerusalem!

Vera: whoop whoop


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and then we went back to behaving like grown ups with jobs and responsibility