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caroline criado-perez. Remember her?

bbc twrThe woman who campaigned for the Bank of England to man up and put women on the money?

(then there was a whole disgusting twitter troll attack on her)

She has a blog where you can read about this initiative to ensure female experts are used by the media, rather than the bookers recycling the same (old) men [yes, that was ageist of me. i am not sorry. young researchers are also discriminated against]

The Women’s Room.

On the 29th of October 2012, The Today Programme on BBC Radio 4 aired a segment that spoke about women’s bodies without featuring any women’s voices. Women were angry, and told the BBC it was unacceptable – and yet the next day, the very same thing happened, with the excuse being that the Today Programme had been unable to find any female breast cancer experts. After a brief exchange on twitter, Catherine Smith and Caroline decided to take action, and create a database of women experts for the media. This was to become The Women’s Room.

Rock on, say we…