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I think Vera needs to blog about the Shutdown. And I dare her to do it WITHOUT linking to the relevant West Wing scenes…

Wait – you know what? I’ll blog about the pop-culture-hype and Vera can analyse it. Fair division of labour…

I present to you:

Item One of Awesomeness —

background: The West Wing has an episode(s) in season 5 dealing with a shutdown. If you are interested in politics and you are on social media, you have already seen all the clips. because it was a youtube fest for us all when life imitated art, only it’s not as greatly scripted as on TV. plus, you know, actual real people are deeply affected by this. but back to pop culture!

In a central scene (watch it here – no, i am not embedding, because I am bringing you NEW things below) the Democratic President – having ordered the gov’t to shutdown in a standoff with the Republic Speaker – walks to the Hill. And sits and waits outside the GOP leadership’s office, with the entire press covering it. signalling readiness to lead by being willing to negotiate. The Speaker can’t get his act together, overplays his hand and the President gets up an leaves, winning the public over to his side.

Meanwhile, in real life: Someone at the GOP thought they could reverse this, and tweeted a picture of the Republicans sitting and waiting, ready to lead etc.

but then – obviously and gloriously – EMILY’s LIST (I really like that organisation. and not because fictional rock stars CJ Cregg and Diane Lockhart worked for them. but that kinda exemplifies how great they are – familiarise yourself with their work here) ripped into them, retweeting Laura Bassett and promoting it all over the itnernetz…

you see, the GOP leadership is… well… have a look


Also, don’t be so freakin’ obvious in your West Wing inverted references. It’s not going to work.

Item Two of Awesomeness —

 There’s a funky place in DC called  Sixth & I (it’s a  synagogue, as well. i mean, there’s a synagogue there. it’s a street address [see — I learned local stuff when I was in DC this summer! they were too busy apparently with they bi-party bi-chamber legislative system to actually NAME the streets of the capital. so it’s all letters and numbers])

Look what cool things these people decided to do: (this an article from the website http://dcist.com)

Sixth & I Will Open ‘Shutdown Central,’ Stream The West Wing

For those who will be temporarily out of work because of the federal government shutdown (which seems pretty inevitable, regardless of what the President says), Sixth & I will offer a type of adult daycare to foster a sense of community and give these “nonessential” workers a place to pass the time.

Throughout the day, there will be Political Ping Pong (red versus blue, with photos of certain government officials on the paddles), bipartisan board games, reading materials, constant streaming of The West Wing, and an informal meeting space with all of the essentials for non-essentials—free coffee, food, and Wifi. If the shutdown drags on, Sixth & I hopes that Shutdown Central will evolve into a community incubator. Anyone who comes is welcome to lead a short session in the area of his/her expertise (i.e. teach yoga, share social media best practices), collaborate with a fellow furloughed employee, or any other activity to help turn an opportunity loss into something substantial.

That makes the shutdown sound pretty great, truth be told. ”

The Sixt&I peeps then tweeted at the DCIST editors that they were welcome too:

We’re not cutting anyone out. Anyone and everyone is welcome at Shutdown Central, even @dcist editors. http://goo.gl/ytZgkQ

Oh, all that love!

This second item was brought to my attention by a friend who used to work in DC and stays on top of things there. I tip my hat to you A 🙂