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sure, most things are cultural constructs. such as measurements for time / heat / cold / space / volume.

It sometimes makes communication with people from other realms harder.

and you can either become “bi-lingual” in measurements, or adopt a blase attitude a la this one

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(meme virtue of the “Nobody Cares” blog)

Because she thought I wouldn’t (ha!), I am posting here below snippets from WhatsApp conversation between the Ladies of the Gates.

Vera: Dude, it’s freezing here! it’s like 35 degrees!

Sophia: that’s not cold!

Vera: Fahrenheit

Sophia: ah. what’s that in real degrees celsius?

Vera: how would I know. I don’t care about your degrees

Sophia: I’m telling you, blisters! Had to walk three kilometres

Vera: and that’s far, right?

Sophia: ??

Vera: What’s it in miles?

Sophia: No clue. I srsl don’t care about your miles

Vera: baking! so happy! but recipe is Israeli 😦

Sophia: I fail to see the need for a sad face. these are all good things

Vera: don’t know how much 180 * C for the oven is…

Sophia: ha! serves you right for not caring about my degrees

Sophia: does a bill become a law in the US after passing the House of Reps or the Senate

Vera: Senate. why?

Sophia: you and your bi-chamber legislature! #confusing

Vera: #democracy

Sophia: but Y U have weird political system? ONE chamber = enough

Vera: You really care?

Sophia: nope. will care later. when i am preparing for meetings in DC

Vera: fair

Vera: lady, we need to talk about centimeters?

Sophia: what about them? and it’s metres.

Vera: they confuse me. what’s 10 centimeters in normal measurements.

Sophia: in inches? i don’t care about your inches.

Sophia: New York is HOT! i mean – yak. it’s worse than Tel Aviv! I thought people were kidding when they told me it’s be disgusting in the summer!

Vera: what’s the temp?

Sophia: 28 and humid!

Vera: F?

Sophia: Celsious… oh don’t even…


Vera: How tall am I?

Sophia: please tell me you know that!

Vera: no, I mean, here in israel. in your freakish measurements

Sophia: lol. I don’t know. You are shorter than 165 cm…

Sophia: what’s oz? i mean, not the place dorothy went. for food. cooking – cookbook from ‘Merica!!

Vera: karmic revenge for mocking me when I needed dl converted

Sophia: this i realise.

Vera: realizzzzzzzzzzzzze. LMGTFY

Sophia: many thanks. You care about my decilitres?

Vera: not really. no.

and so on, and so forth. And I have naturally censored the conversations about clothes, underwear and shoes…

This may come back to haunt me when I apply for a job at the UN. Prospective employer googling me: I promise to 1) get an app that converts all these units instantanously. 2) Promise that all mocking of other culture’s measurements is something I only do with really close friends!