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Twitter invited me to watch the State Department Briefing today. So I did. I had the opportunity to watch a Ms. Marie Herf handle the journalist pool and, I must say, I was impressed. So I did the logical 21st century thing and did a bit of online stalking. I found out she’s a friend of a friend of mine who worked the Obama reelection campaign. So of course, I told him of my girl crush and he promised to pass it on, proof, ladies and gentlemen, that the whole world is a tiny place, not just Israel.

You can (and should) watch Ms. Herf in the video here. It takes only a couple minutes of watching to fully grasp her awesomeness.

She comes in with a big binder and can be a bit stiff, but she’s only 32 and started the job relatively recently. I’m excited to see her come into her own and get into a groove behind the podium. I’m sure she’ll do big things.

As a powerful young woman in control and walking the halls of power, Ms. Harf definitely gets the AtGotC Seal of Approval.

…that’s the second or third I’ve handed out. I think it’s time for a little photoshopping.