Yes, I butchered the John Steinbeck title, but whatevs. Sophia and I have been spending the summer, after those deadlines, decompressing and traveling IN AMERICA (though not together. Which makes us sad. But as soon as Sophia stops keeping kosher, I promise you all to take her on a tour of the American South so she can learn the different types of BBQ the great area south of the Mason-Dixon offers). Sophia was on vacation, but I was traveling from my old hometown in California to New York, where I’ll be attending university this Fall for a Masters program.

Now that we’ve returned to schedules, of a kind, we can revive our love – bringing you interesting tidbits of news, things you should be paying attention to, and random rants about things that we get excited about (or over, as the case may be). You may see me a bit more academic, as I live, breath, and eat International Relations theory these next nine months, but we’ll get through it 😀

We’re really excited to get started again, and hope you’ll continue to comment and engage as we discuss events in the Middle East, women’s issues, and anything else that tickles our fancy.

IMG_0060IMG_0120 (2)IMG_0211My home til May

My home til May