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The US Supreme Court struck down DOMA (Defence of Marriage Act) yesterday, making it possible for the Federal Gov’t to recognise same sex marriages. Well done. and about bloody time (said I – because in the realm of civil rights it really makes no sense to discriminate against certain groups of citizens)

Obviously and rightly so, the Internet has run amok with this story. But from all the articles, let me alert you to this from Forbes. Because it\s about something as mundane as tax law.

The woman who gets one of the rock star awards is EDIE WINDSOR who sued the US government over a tax thing after her wife passed away.

Another women I am going to award is Representative Nancy PELOSI. Who replied to Michel Bachman’s criticism thus:


(it wont let me embed. so click on it and come back)


Truth is — we do care. This is a big deal for the gay community and (again in my opinion) for all liberal people. As Hillary Clinton (who has come out against DOMA, with Bill. Which is 1) predictable as she better if she wants to run for Prez in 2016 and 2) ironic as Bill signed DOMA into law when he was Prez. But ok, it’s allowed to live and learn and change your mind) said : you should support women’s right not because it’s smart, but because it’s right. Same thing with gay rights: not because it’s trendy, but because it’s right