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wow – that’s notoriously bad blogging habits on my part.


Life is too busy these days (am in wanna-be Hillary mode, and travelling too much to juggle full-time job and conferences AND the Gates)

So, i hurry to alert you to this piece from Foreign Policy by Kay hymowitz. I am not yet a working mum, but one day i will be. and it looks kinda gloomy…

Think Again: Working Women

“Only when women wield power in sufficient numbers,” Slaughter writes in her much-discussed article, “will we create a society that genuinely works for all women.” Presumably Sandberg would agree, but that’s not what experience has taught us. Policies that work for women who want to lean in and make it to the top don’t necessarily work as well for women who don’t, and vice versa. And just as there are tradeoffs for individual women between career and children, so too are there tradeoffs and tensions on the societal level — between family leave policies and wage gaps, between the right to part-time work and equality in the executive suite, between mandatory quotas and merit-based achievement. We really can’t have it all.

It’s possible, of course, that we simply haven’t found the right tools to end gender inequality. But it’s also possible that, whether for biological or cultural reasons or both, many women are less interested in absolute parity with men than they are in work that gives them plenty of time with their kids. Is that such a bad thing?





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