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What one can dig up when reading stuff from the White House…

Victoria Nueland –  whom we have covered here at the Gates much over the past year. Not just because she’s real life’s C.J. Cregg, but because she has been representing the Administration’s odd position on Jerusalem (Vera shared with us the clips of Nueland refusing to name the city that is the capital of israel) and her statements on Iran and the region have often been flagged by me (like here – Morsi calling Jews apes) – was spokesman for the State Department.

But now apparently she will be Assistant Sec of State to Kerry, dealing with Europe and Euroasia.

Welcome to our conceptual neck of the woods, Ms. Nueland.

Victoria Nuland, of Virginia, a Career Member of the Senior Foreign Service, Class of Career Minister, to be an Assistant Secretary of State (European and Eurasian Affairs)