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Jordan’s Queen Noor tweeted about this article and the Israeli media reported the tweet. and that’s how i realised there was something I ought to read…

Though, here’s the tweet.

הציוץ מחדש של המלכה נור

(screen shot from Ynet)

Here’s the link to the full article by Leigh Cuen

The most dangerous myths about women and war

It’s an interesting read. She points out a number of things Vera and I often yell about here at the Gates (the role of soft power, the role of women, the role of civil society).


Today’s international efforts to reduce terrorism and war are plagued by widespread ignorance of women’s roles in violence and peace. Conflicts raging across the Middle East today cannot be resolved without deliberate efforts to engage women and confront sexual violence. Syria is a current example of the ways that women are specifically targeted in war, but largely ignored in reports about the violence.

The myths being busted – using logic and diverse but relevant research – include “War and violence against women are not interdependent” and “Women terrorists are typically poor, “deranged” or “religious.” and “It is more important to engage political leaders than grassroots women” and War is not a “women’s issue” – go read, think and debate.