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The Christian Science Monitor is doing polling on 2016. This time on IOWA and Hillary vs Rand Paul (his tactic seems to be repeating the line taht got him some GOP press during the beghazi hearing: “”If I had been president, I would have relieved [Hillary Clinton] from office. Without question that is a dereliction of duty,”. Hillary dealt with that already in the hearing…by doing an internal eye-roll and not justify his stab with a reply. My feelings on that whole thing were captured here)

But what I wanted to alert you to was this little thing int he end:

When asked about his wife’s 2016 plans, earlier this month Bill Clinton said, “She’s taking a role in the [Clinton] foundation, she’s writing books, she’s having a little fun being a private citizen for the first time in 20 years.”

Did ya see that? She’s working for the Foundation!! Why is this a thing? Because (and here i can’t locate the blog post where I wrote about that last year. it’s a good sign. means there is too many blogs to go through quickly) But the point is: *if* Hillary runs in 2016, she is not likely to start her own thing at this point. She is more likely to hang out in Bill’s office. Which she is doing now.

It’s enough to get me excited…