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This little story is only making the rounds in Spanish. That’s wrong!

Recently, Argentina’s President Cristina Kirchner naturally attended the inauguration ceremony of Venezuela’s new President Nicolas Maduro. Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was also there, no doubt to strengthen the ties between Venezuela and Tehran (Hugo Chavez and Ahmedinajed were buddies, and Venezuela serves as a hub for Iranian influence in South America).

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But Kirchner didn’t want to meet Ahmedinejad. it might be because she doesn’t like him or his regime’s hegemonic aspirations, it might also be because three months ago, the Argentine Senate voted to sign an agreement with Iran basically exonerating Tehran for the killing of 85 people in Buenos Aires’ Jewish Community Center in 1994. (it isn’t a pretty deal — see Miami Herald article for details). But the Iranian parliament has yet to ratify the deal . They are keeping the Argentinians hanging, making quite a display of power.

So, according to Argentinian media, Kirchner avoided Ahmadinejad by hiding out strategically… in the ladies’ bathroom. AND LIVE TWEETING THE WHOLE THING!


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That’s nuts. and really cool. Hipster Mrs. President…