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Over at the Guardian they have a subsection – WITNESS – for readers submitting their own pictures in the vein of the pandemic “we are all experts and we are all connected all the time”. It can be a good thing, this “more power to the people” (if it truly enables all voices to be heard), but i’ll be honest. sometimes i just find it boring. Taking pictures is an art as well as a craft. And i certainly appreciate the difference between what i can document and what a trained photographer can reveal.

But, enough with the ranting. here’s something i just found:

New shoots of student feminism

Taking pictures on campus, is one of the new assignments.

I can see that the University of Southhampton is where it is happening…

Image for University of Southampton International Women's Day

(photo: Chloe Green)

If this brings more awareness and empowers students of all genders then – I am all for it. and will keep my cynical remarks to myself. Seriously.

Okay, i will almost keep them to myself.

This sign (From Berlin — I am not going to repost it. Not on my blog, as it were) reads: “Don’t watch Porn! It might be your daughter”

Excuse me? that is the *most* ridiculous reason to give. Someone might be upset if s/he sees her/his kid in a pornographic film. But dear horrified parents… THE OTHER PORN MODELS ARE SOMEONE’S KID TOO!

I was so annoyed I put my thoughts in a quote!

Here’s an idea – don’t support by your actions anything you wouldn’t want to have your own child do. The porn industry isn’t about erotics and risquee explorations of human sexuality (any more) – it’s an industry. Using people. Your reasons for not giving it your money and time should be because it’s wrong, not because you might see something that’d offend you.

The End.

The end.