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This is odd. Read and ponder. And feel free to add links to relevant research/coverage contradicting — or at the very least CONTEXTUALISING –  this claim…

(Photo credits: TIME)

Donald Kirk, over at The Atlantic, has written this piece:

Both Koreas Are Ruled by Women


One of the great mysteries about the North-South Korean confrontation is who’s pulling the strings on North Korea’s “Supreme Leader” Kim Jong Un. Among those believed to wield the most power: his aunt, Kim Kyong Hui.

The ascent of Kim Kyong Hui, younger sister of Jong Un’s late father, Kim Jong Il, and daughter of “Great Leader” Kim Il Sung parallels the rise of South Korean President Park Geun Hye, daughter of Park Chung Hee, the former general who ruled South Korea with an iron fist for 18 years until his assassination by his intelligence chief in 1979.

“It looks like Kim Kyong Hui has power in the North,” says Ha Tae Keung, a South Korean National Assembly member who runs a short-wave station that broadcasts regularly into North Korea. “She is deciding policy.”

The phenomenon of two women at the top of the ruling structures of both Koreas would seem to conflict with the traditional role of men as the rulers of home, family, business, and government in a society dominated by Confucian traditions on both sides of the North-South line. No one doubts, though, that neither woman could have gotten where they are without their heritage as daughters of dictatorial rulers.

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(look at that, no mention of nuclear test, no highlighting of how North Korea and Iran are cooperating with Tehran sending people to witness North Korea’s underground nuclear test and all the North Korean scientists are working in Iran)*

*) Occultation remains my favourite trope!