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More on women as public speakers:

Article over at POPSCI (popular science) quotes a Swiss study:

Women gave longer speeches and evaluated themselves more positively when they were primed with with images Hillary Clinton and Angela Merkel than when they saw Bill Clinton or weren’t primed at all. The outside observers also rated their speeches higher.


I am going to assume it wasn’t this picture:

(From Jezebel’s recent post: We Need a Picture of Hillary Clinton In Every Room In America)

The point is one we are making often here at the Gates. Everybody needs a role-model. And we should all be so lucky as to find them, and be inspired, empowered and not to walk away when they turn out to be humans and not super-woman/man.

(oh, for for political content to this post which really is about public speaking: Check out the Daily Beast analysis on why Obama failed spectacularly (and sadly, if you ask me) at passing teh gun reform)

Hillary Was Right: Obama’s Inexperience Sank Gun Deal



“It’s hard to imagine that Hillary—or Bill—Clinton could not have reached some agreement resulting in compromise legislation. Doubtless it would not have been everything gun-control advocates desired, but it surely would have been more productive than the Rose Garden scene that writer Pete Wehner aptly compared toKing Lear. If nothing else, strong Second Amendment defenders could have negotiated with Hillary Clinton with reason to believe she honestly respected their views, if not always agreed with them.”

— HillWatch2016! Also, the author of that piece was the chief strategist for Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign. So this is actual useful bi-partisan credits handed out…