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Up in Scandinavia sits a cool fashionista and blogs about women and fashion and trends. And sometimes, she uses her blog to call attention to other issues — this time to the ongoing sectorial violence against the Hazari population in Pakistan. Yet another tragedy that needs more attention and must be solved sooner rather than later!


Hi you guys : ) Today I will use my blog & voice to spread some awareness on something close to my heart. Many of you guys know that I´m part of an ethnic group called hazara´s. I´m not part of an imagined community, but the majority of my family lives in a town in Pakistan called Quetta, where hazara´s are killed on a everyday basis-just because they are shiite muslims. That´s obviously not okay. The Pakistani government do not seem to give a damn & Non governmental organizations doesn´t really seem to know there is a problem. Hazara´s all over the globe have tried to raise awareness & maybe something is starting to happen. Maybe. A friend sent me a link to this article from MERIP ” Middle East Research and Information Project.” I gives me hope that someone outside the minority gave a damn & wrote this article…

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