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So, Israel has a new government. And as the article in Ynet outlining the different portfolies said “The government will have the highest number of women ministers ever recorded in Israel.”

That should be exciting. But it isn’t. There are four female ministers out of the 22 in Netanyahu’s new government.

Tzipi Livni(Hatnua) – Justice Minister

Yael German (Yesh Atid) – Health Minister

Limor Livnat (Likud) – Culture and Sports Minister

Sofa Landver (Yisrael Beiteinu) – Immigrant Absorption Minister

Livni might make it to the ‘kitchen cabinet’, the inner circle of the PM’s cabinet making the hard-core security decision. But overall, this showcases the stupid homogenous character of the Israeli power elite. Middle-aged white men. I don’t have anything against them (some of my closes family is middle-aged white men) and some of my best friends, mentors, teachers and heros are too. But with a country as diverse and heterogeneous as Israel, our list of ministers (picked from the top of the party lists) really ought to be more exciting and inspiring.

I am all about letting the best person get the job. But I am not excited about the lack of willingness to leave your comfort zone when looking for the best candidate. It seems they just sat there and appointed each other.

But I will patiently wait a bit before slamming the government. After all, they haven’t even been sworn in yet. The coalition agreement is so far only available in Hebrew (here)

But this is the picture the Knesset’s website uses for the 19th government. They are not good with math. Women are 1/6th of the gov’t, not 1/4th. But I hope it’s a prediction for the future!

הסכמים קואליציונים