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In a new video released by the Human Rights Campaign, Hills clearly and unequivocally voiced her support for gay couples’ right to marry.

What this clearly means is, since Obama came out strongly in support of gay marriage and Hills is obviously going to win the presidency in 2016 (unless Condi runs, in which case we have a horse race), the United States will have individuals in the highest office who support full rights for all the United States’ citizens. I support this.

UPDATE: Sophia proves her attachment to All Things Hillary by catching that either that’s Hills’ fave outfit, or she has a really significant public campaign planned for the next four years (which we’d also be totally okay with). Why? Because she’s wearing the same thing in her photo for her personal website.

HillsI’m just glad to hear we won’t be losing her voice in the public forum any time soon.

**Sophia adds:

I absolutely agree with Vera’s commentary that this looks like a Presidential Campaign announcement. (because of the content, not the coordinated outfit. although yes, i think that’s part of it too. Hills too professional not to think about these stupid things, adn she knows that everybody always comments on what she wears)
I noticed that she opened with “Gay rights are human rights” – which is a clear call back to her seminal speech in China where she on 5 September 1995 in Beijing said “Women’s rights are human rights.” So what she’s saying here is that her position may have ‘involved’ but she’s refusing to qualify civil rights and limit them to only some people… I support this. In its entirety, as Vera would say.