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The conclave is over and there’s a new pope in town. Former Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio of Buenos Aires – a Jesuit – was elected yesterday.

Pope Francis I

(Photo: Alberto Pizzoli/AFP/Getty Images)

Local coverage here from Corriere della Sera (Conclave, alle 19,06 fumata bianca Il nuovo Pontefice è Francesco I) As we can see, the Pope’s name in Italian is Frencesco I, but in English he will be know as Francis I.

And this is what happens when you – despite a university degree in fields requiring exams in canonical law – watch too much American TV: ALL i could think about was this spoof of the excellent Netflix show ‘House of Cards’ (a remake of the originally british show by the same name) –  about the ambitious Francis Underwood who wants to be President.


On a more solemn note, the new pope seems to be about building bridges. he’s known for his interfaith work, including with the Jewish communities of Argentina. And he’s a Jesuit, but took the name after a Franciscan saint (at least that’s what i think he did…Francis of Assisi is extremely popular. and it seems fitting to use him as a lever for mending some fences within an extremely divided church)

As long as the inquisition doesn’t return, we wish the new pope luck. and more importantly, a meaningful and joyful life for our Catholic readers and friends. Mazal tov – Habetis Papam