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I was looking at our stats yesterday (where we can see who is reading the Gates and what you guys seem to enjoy the most). And I wondered why an old and very random post I did back in July was getting so much attention. It’s about how the show Star Trek Voyager nonchalantly killed off imaginary characters named after our favourite White house staffers and the Best President America never had.

(Sophia prophetically predicting interest in the cross-over West Wing/Star trek universe? John Jude Palencar’s painting (from his website)

Read it here: Department of Random Affairs: Star Trek killing off our favourite West Wing characters

And looking for glitter to add to this post, i came across this video. Now, i am not really familiar with the Star Trek Voyager show, but this was a funny manioulation of events!
The Relevant Scene is at the very end… *insert Janeway smirk*

Yes, i tried to bring across a more general point about women and leadership in the original blogpost:

I don’t know if she (Captain Kathryn Janeway) ever flew the star ship, but the above mentioned credentials certainly spell Role Model in our book more than the nameless female pilot in the aforementioned WW episode (Arctic Rader, season 4)

But — would you look at this: Buzzfeed last week –  Feb 27, 2013, ran this story True Fact: The West Wing Staff Died Aboard Star Trek: Voyager

Now, did they read the Gates? Or did a whole lot of Buzz-readers google this randomness and stop by the Gates? One way or the other — it’s old news. Let’s talk about why there is still not a government being formed in Israel (but we do have female pilots in the high ranks of the air force) Still a female astronaut and president short though!