Because of Dorothy…

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Have you ever noticed the Pope’s shoes? How could you not? They’re red. Not ox blood, Tuscan or wine red, but radiantly Dorothy-in-Oz red. There’s a lot of information in those shoes.
For a while, a story circulated that the Milanese fashion house Prada was supplying the Pope’s footwear. L’Osservatore Romano, the Vatican’s daily bugle, set this matter right back in 2007, thereby quashing the already tired Devil Wears Prada jokes. The Pope’s shoes are handmade by one Adriano Stefanelli, a custom cobbler in northwestern Italy, and they’re pretty spiffy. Apparently, papal infallibility extends to this pope’s unerring fashion sense. In 2007, Benedict XVI earned Esquire magazine’s Accessorizer of the Year award.
I understand he beat out Justin Timberlake for the honour. I’m not sure where that accolade fits in amongst his other titles — Vicar of Christ, Supreme Pontiff, Servant of the Servants of God — but it’s nice…

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