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We haven’t done one of these in awhile, but we figured new year, new goals – let’s get these side projects (Political Operative Wednesday, Woman of the Week; HillWatch; CondiWatch; for Vera to post regularly) up and going again.

With that in mind, I bring you Senator Elizabeth Warren, Massachusetts’ first female Senator. Senator Warren made waves this week when she went after answers at her first Banking Committee hearing last Thursday, February 14th. Let’s go to the video:

Warren began her political life as an advocate. She’s worked to protect consumer rights, was one of the minds behind the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, and ran a campaign to unseat incumbent Republican Scott Brown highlighting protections for the middle class and women’s rights. She boosted her campaign with the release of a video that went viral in the beginning weeks of the 2012 election.

It looks like she’s actually going to hold to those campaign promises. It’s possible the US Congress is going to be an interesting and fun little show to watch as these 90 new members of Congress spread their wings and work for change.