The Iran-Israel Observer

There was a recent Gallup poll carried out in Iran which among other things it aimed to measure Iranian attitudes towards sanctions and the nuclear program. 

Among other things it found that 63% of Iranian believe that the nuclear program should continue despite the sanctions.

Gallup is a very credible organization. I am sure they did a professional job.

At the same time I think it’s a credible question to ask whether those questioned in Iran could say what they really thought.

Imagine that you are live in what is fast becoming a totalitarian state. A blogger (Sattar Beheshti) gets tortured to death because he makes a facebook page criticizing government help for Lebanon. 15 reporters recently got arrested on trumped-up charges. Thousands of people were tortured in Tehran’s dreaded Kahrizak detention center after the 2009 elections. The regime even arrested some young people for staging a water…

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