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Egypt continues to destabalise (have a read at CNN’s blog here)

Thousands of anti-government protesters have clashed with police and troops in three Egyptian cities, and defied President Mohamed Morsy’s curfew orders. Demonstrators are upset with recent political moves by Morsy, and charge that the country’s first democratically elected president is a throwback to former dictatorships.


But i want to draw attention to the ongoing abuse of women in this process — The Guardian covered it last week:

Tahrir Square sexual assaults reported during anniversary clashes

In a typical attack, crowds of men quickly surround isolated women, groping them and attempting to remove their clothes. Some women have been stripped naked and one was raped, the campaigners said.

Sadly, and infuriatingly, little has changes since Monay Eltahawy’s article in Foreign policy last year (I referred to it here at the Gates in May 2012)

Protesters near Tahrir Square in Cairo help a woman overcome by teargas

(Protesters near Tahrir Square in Cairo help a woman overcome by teargas. Photograph: Mohamed Abd El Ghany/Reuters)

When is true change going to come to this region? And does the West still think it can happen without respect and fair treatment of women? President Morsi calls Jews ”descendants of apes and pigs“. His antisemitism is as unsurprising as it is unnerving. But I think that a regime that harbors such deep misogyny is much more likely to ALSO be racist, antisemitic, homophobic and generally mistreat minorities.