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On Wednesday Hillary Clinton appeared at the Benghazi hearings (I reblogged her opening statement and a link to the C-Span coverage). As could have been easily predicted, the internet is now sprouting tonnes of Hillary-related gifs, memes and randomness. In her favour and ripping into her. As befitting for something as political as the Benghazi incident has turned into.

Having watched most of the Senate hearing (and just reading high lights from the Congressional committee) I can say that I thought she did an excellent job. Were new details regarding the attack at the American embassy in Benghazi that killed four Americans revealed? No. Did anyone seriously expect it would? the ARB (and gosh did the Secretary speak a *lot* about the “ARB” and the “Classified ARB”) found that Clinton didn’t mess up and although she takes full responsibility (and she has from the beginning by the way…) she is not to blame. The ARB is the Accountabilut Review Board, an external investigation into benghazi. The Week has a sharp analysis here on why the criticism levelled at Clinton isn’t damaging or true (in politics these two things aren’t the same thing)

Meanwhile, I was impressed by how professional and well-prepared Clinton appeared. Whether you like her or not, agree with her politics or not – seeing someone taking their job seriously, taking responsibility, beaing extremely well-prepared and knowing their back yard is something we should all appreciate, if not admire. At this point, I don’t even care if she doesn’t run in 2016. She inspires me with her intelligence and integrity and sass.

Yes, Clinton was sleek. And she did slip a few times. Yes, the Republicans attacked her personally and profesionally. But that is the name of the game. everyone wants something from the limelight, and this is not little league. It’s the NBA. and Clinton rocked it.

For fun, you can read the Wash Post opinion pieces from Thursday: Dana Milbank cheering for Hillary (here), and Jennifer Rubin in the same outlet calling her names (here). This is fun to read because they use the same example. Rubin getting it totally wrong 🙂

Meanwhile, here is an overview of Hillary’s glass adjusting tactics (thank you NY Magazing). My favourite is the

 “I’m So Going to Veto All of Your Bills When I’m President” Adjustment


Feministing has a hillarious (see what I just did there with the double L) display of what we can learn from the outgoing Madame Secretary. Enjoy!

So after Secretary of State Hillary Clinton smacked down the Senate and the House yesterday, it occurred to me that what made it magical is that it is an instructional video on how to deal with a mansplainer. And of course, any good tutorial needs to be broken down into gifs for emphasis.

Ladies and gentlemen, “How to deal with a mansplainer starring Hillary Clinton.”