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I’ve written before about the issue of maternity leave and women in the work force (“Getting the facts right: why it’s stupid not to hire women“) But it’s time to discuss the issue again. Because it’s strangely absent from the current israeli elections, despite a cluster of parties claiming to advancing the social agenda.

The facts: In Israel, a women who is working has the following rights:

The maximum maternity allowance for 14 weeks (98 days of entitlement) is paid to a new mother who stopped working during her pregnancy which ended in a birth, and for whom insurance contributions were paid before the determining date as follows:
10 of the 14 months preceding the determining date or
15 of the 22 months preceding the determining date.
Half the maternity allowance is paid if insurance contributions were paid for her for 6 of the 14 months preceding the determining date.
For a self-employed worker, the maternity allowance is based on the periods of work for which she paid insurance contributions.

(details here at the Bituah Leumi / national insurance)

(Info graph from ThinkProgress.com — from May. Be aware that the number for Denmark and Norwar at least is wrong. I didn’t check the others.)

This should be a HUGE issue in the debate on how to better society. I suggest you ask the politicians about it at the next election panel you attend. And do share their response with us…