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Being sick with pneumonia means amongst other things eating a ridiculous amount of chicken soup (and realising how blessed you are to have friends taking care of you in your hour of need) and watching a LOT of movies. And googling random things.

I bring you — POETRY. I had to share. I saw Josh Radnor’s Liberal Arts (2012) and it’s highly recommendable. Especially if you are a bibliophile. And like pretty and caring men…

Allison Janney plays a dark and jaded professor of English lit. and quotes the beginning of a William Blake poem in a bar. Thanks to the magic internetz, i bring you the poem in full.

Things to ponder… I’d quite forgotten how I loved reading Blake. Might have to dig up his poetry if the antibiotics don’t kick in soon

Mock on, mock on, Voltaire, Rousseau;
Mock on, mock on; ’tis all in vain!
You throw the sand against the wind,
And the wind blows it back again.
And every sand becomes a gem
Reflected in the beams divine;
Blown back they blind the mocking eye,
But still in Israel’s paths they shine.

The Atoms of Democritus
And Newton’s Particles of Light
Are sands upon the Red Sea shore,
Where Israel’s tents do shine so bright.