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Things are slower than normal here at the Gates. Sophia is out with an evil case of the flu, and Vera is traveling Europe (which is always commendable).

But I do want to bring your attention to this excellent list of people who need to get on the phone and apologies to Mrs. Clinton for implying that her concussion in December was “the Benghazi flu” and a way to dodge testifying about Benghazi. Shame on you, pathetic people

8 People Who Thought Hillary Clinton Was Faking Her Concussion


I think this reeks, and I am not alone. kathellen parker over at Washington Post has an opinion piece today called “The character assassination of Hillary Clinton” on how this is getting way way wayyyyyyyyyy out of hand.

(And i feel like adding: It’s a gender thing too. Suddenly doing the “if you are weak physically you are a not a leader”-twist. and i bet this is going to be a ‘thing’ if Clinton decides to run for President. as in “does she have the stamina” blah blah)

Eventually, Clinton will have to step forward and take her medicine. She is slated to appear before the House Foreign Affairs Committee in mid-January, though the date hasn’t been set. The nation clearly needs answers on what happened in Benghazi, and no doubt Clinton will provide them. This is not blind faith in a favored politician but respect for a process that relies on accepted rules of order. We owe our representative to the world — which is to say, ourselves — at least this much.