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I received an email recently from a friend.

It said “Hi — look at this!” and there was a link to a story from NBC news (link further down. explanation to follow). I went and read the story, and was a bit puzzled as to why my friend had sent me the link (and frankly – i was more puzzled as to why she sent the link without a note of chit-chat / cacthing-up. Said friend lives in NYC and I miss her, despite the fact that she serves as the Gates’ envoyee to the Americas. She normally writes me more than just a line.) So I went over the article again and thought “ah, it’s about women and jobs and access to a decent salary” – but still, it was odd to me. the illustration in particular looked odd.

Image: Careers

i assumed Our Envoyee had sent it because of the “women’s rights” angle.

So i emailed her back and said “thanks! i’ll read and see if it can go on the GATES”.

My spin would have been something about the number of women vs men in the work force and the disproportionate gender-gap in high-level jobs (Men are the majority of the over-all workforce, but have much more than +7% of the good jobs). with a twist of minority-rights (the illustration has more African-American women than men working)

she replied right away (with a much more sensible email, including niceties and chit-chat) that the first email was a scam spam evil thing!

Now, what’s funny was that I was totally convinced it was from my friend, and so I bent over back-wards to find SOME kind of useful information in it. Which I did. You see, apparently I really *can* turn *everything* into a gender-issue…

Meanwhile, scams are bad. and I went back to the NBC story and started noticing that not only did the weblink look odd, the page was not formatted like a regular NBC page (and I know this because in addition to being a mad feminist, i am also a news buff. and enjoy long walks by the sea…) So, i googled the first sentence. and then this blog post came up. It shows how the NBC story is not a real story, it is part of the hoax (to lure people into working for online companies). How nasty!

*no friendships were harmed in the production of the post