Because we love Maria Doyle Kennedy – as an artist, and as a woman doing her thing (and doing it 100% and absolutely amazingly). If you don’t know who she is, you might actually… She’s a singer, but if you grew up with the Irish cult film “The Commitments” you’ve seen her rock “bye bye baby” (she played Nathali) or if you got sucked into the horribly anachronistic but mezmerising tv show THE TUDORS, you’ll recognise Henry II’s fist (and ONLY, screams Team Aragon) wife, Spanish-born Katherine of Aragon.
Maria & KK’s album “Storms are on the Ocean” remain one of my favourites. And if no one gets me “sing” for Chanukkah I will go and treat myself to it. So this is just sharing the love…

Too Famous To Get Fully Dressed

Originally published in the Irish Sun on August 17.

‘Sing’ might not seem the most descriptive word ever used to title an album, but for Maria Doyle Kennedy it sums up everything that’s worth celebrating on her fifth studio album.

 “The title ‘Sign’ is a statement of intent,” says Doyle Kennedy. “Singing is very important to me. I don’t ever take it for granted and I don’t think it’s a trivial thing. It’s a powerful thing. I always get people singing at my gigs, and I think the sound that we can make together is better than anything I could do on my own.

“There are a lot of references to singing on the album – there’s the track Sing, obviously, there’s Sing for the Sea, there’s Hola Luna where ‘she walks across the mountains singing,” and there’s Silence where I sing ‘I’ve found my voice.’”

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