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In all likelihood, Hillary Clinton will end her tenure as President Obama’s Secretary of State days after his inauguration in January. That’s sad, because we’ve covered her. A lot.

After her fantastic speech at the RNC, Condoleezza Rice stepped largely out of the headlines. She recently authored an op-ed in the Washingon Post (more on that later), and I hope we keep seeing her publish, but I’m not sure how much she will.

As these women leave the headlines, we’re hoping they choose to continue to contribute to the forum of public opinion. Since we like what they say a lot, usually. And I’ve already promised Sophia that if the opposing tickets in 2016 are Hill v Condi, we’re going to have to up and move to the States. I’m sure Sophia’s on Hill’s side, but I’m torn. I’ve just always been a big fan of Condi’s handling of leaders here in the MidEast. And she speaks Russian. That doesn’t mean I’m sold on the party as a whole, is all. So I’m making no promises.

But let’s get Condi running for public office first, yes? She’s a professor at Stanford now, but back in California, we change our governors the way we change our favorite Hollywood “It” couple. Jerry Brown, our current governor, has already been governor once before, so I say out with the old, in with the Condi. We have no problem voting for Republicans as governor out there in the Golden State, as Ahnold attests to. Oh, and you know, just Ronald Reagan. So Condi runs for governor, then she’s a shoe-in for the candidacy (come on – a black woman? Sorry, Bobby Jindal. Condi looks better in a dress. And has WAY more experience. You can be VP. Maybe).

With all this in mind, Sophia and I are launching #HillWatch2016 and #CondiWatch2016. We’ll highlight these ladies’ movements as they happen. Don’t worry – I’ve already made the google alerts, so we’ll be able to keep you up-to-date with what they’re up to, though I hope you won’t really need our help, since a run for president requires someone to be in the public eye. So let’s hope they do that. All we’re sayin’ is the Presidential debates would be intelligent, well-informed, maybe a bit more polite.. That sort of thing. We kinda sorta just wanna see this happen:

Hill & Condi

Images: Reuters’s Kevin Lamargue (Hillary), AP’s Rogelio V. Solis (Condi)