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Tzippi Livni formed a new party yesterday ‘ The Movement’. There’s still no party manisfest or list of candidates so i am not going to analyse that just yet.

In the meantime, Yair Lapid unveiled his slate and proudly announced that his party has “eight women in the Yesh Atid top 20 – the highest percentage of female candidates in one party in Israeli history.” That’s nice. But let’s be morning sceptical and ask ourselves: where on the LIST do these women figure?

Rumour has it that Dr. Aliza Lavie will be no. 7… She’s the highest ranking woman. This means that despite having a list of 40% women, unless Yesh Atid gets seven Knesset seats that will have only male MKs. So how duped am I by the flashy statement above? Not so much.

Arutz Sheva (not a news outlet we like promoting at the Gates but they are the only ones covering this at the moment in English) reports that Lavie only made it into top-10 because of an explicit demand from Rabbi Piron (the list’s no 2) and he wanted here there because she’s religious – not as an attempt to balance the gender scales. Interesting. And deeply unsettling.

Dr. Lavie by the way is the scholar who compiled the Women’s Prayer Book — a feminist initiative much appreciated by yours truly. So here’s a picture of her, because we like her approach to orthodox feminism. I’ll give her a tag too 🙂