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The Likud primaries yesterday ended, and they ended up with a decidedly right-wing version of the party (full list here in Times of Israel’s analysis). Many of the moderate Likudniks – Avi Dichter, Dan Meridor to name a few  – are out. Pro-settlement MK’s are in. The radio this morning praised MK Tzipi Hotelevy for being the highest ranking woman on the list… she’s number 9. Of the 35 people on the list, 6 are women.

Likud/Yisrael Beitenu are still expected to win the elections. And Netanyahu might use his right to appoint ministers from outside the Knesset which means he can pull Barak back in (if he wanted. although Barak yesterday announced he is resigning from politics) and Meridor and Dichter (currently holding strategic ministries: Home Land Security and Intelligence). But not likely more women.

At least the elections so far have not been about women’s bodies and abortion! and here the hot topics are as always ‘security’ and ‘economy’. although personally i would like to seem them discuss education and ‘internal coherence’ in our society (or rather: the abhorrent lack thereof)

I don’t know if this is a good morning for Israeli politics. So I offer you this song — because if it isn’t a good morning, singing that it is will make it better