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So, while we are waiting for the ceasefire to start (and to hear the details! What did hamas agree to do, Israel? Who is going to implement this? etc. And tomorrow, when we know if this IS a lull or just a break — as in: Israel might launch a full scale ground invation when Hamas breaks the ceasefire — then we can start talking about how much I would vote for Clinton in 2016. I just need to marry an American to get a citizenship.)

US and Egyptian foreign sectaries Hillary Clinton and Mohamed Kamel Amr hold a joint press conference announcing Israel-Gaza ceasefire on Wednesday, November 21 (screen capture Channel 2)

(Screen shot from Channel 2. H/T TimesofIsrael.com)


I am listening to Galei Tzahal radio station while typing this. So far more than 7 air raid sirens have been announced. Hamas is barraging the south with rockets. Perhaps a sign that they are going to stop sometime this evening, but want to get a “final victory”. The PA reports that the IAF continue their air strikes in Northern Gaza… they all keep saying “when will there be quiet?” – this was another 11 sirens announced in a long list of communities. And Beer Sheva. This is INSANE! They are now saying everybody has to go and sit in their shelters and not come out until after 21:00 when the ceasefire is supposed to begin. that this is “the grand finale” . that’s apparently a known thing. that just before ceasefire all hell breaks loose. Live blogging in war is not for me. I am going to turn off the radio.

Phew. So stressful.

I thought this would be an OK time to try and explain the strange details of war. The things we ignore to keep going during this intense time. Such as the stress levels of listening to radio and realising that we are under attack. again. and again.  I don’t really know how to explain it, but consider this: You take short showers (you always do because Israel has had a drought for seven years and we are not allowed to splurge with water anyway) but you don’t want to be caught with shampoo in your hair. I also have to make sure I have my glasses next to my bed. Normally I wear contacts, but if there’s a rocket attack at night, I need to run and not to the bathroom looking for my glasses. And if if DON”T do these things, I do it because i choose not to change my habits. But this still means that the war is part of my considerations of have to conduct myself.

Or a little thing like getting dressed: This morning I pulled out my black boots with a heal. Great for autumn in Israel. But the heal means less great for running. And I thought “hmm. If we have a rocket attack like yesteday, can I run to the bomb shelter?” Then I figured that since Jerusalem was targeted yesterday, and not Tel Aviv, then today it was probably Tel Aviv and not Jerusalem. Sadly, Tel Aviv was targeted not by a rocket but by a terror attack blowing up a bus and injuring more than 20. And bringing back the scary memories and PTSD from the Second Intifada. And so, I left my office. In my boots. Not having had to run to a shelter. But unable to walk home and not feeling very excited about taking a bus. So yes, i should have worn different shoes this morning. and i thought about it. and i said “NO! Don’t let the terrorists win!”

But I don’t know what winning looks like, any more.

Because, you see, my stress and constant worrying and having to factor in the war in every little thing I do, is nothing compared to someone who lives in BeerSheva. Or Sderot. Or Gaza City…

So — yes. Please give us some quiet. I know the IDF will keep our end of the bargain. But I have the deepest concern about the people on the other side. this was their twitter today (Al Qassam is Hamas’ militant wing)

But no, they don’t get to dictate my every move.


Oh, Zionists You have to drag yourselves out of hell, go back home now, go back to Garmany, Poland, Russia, America and anywhere else. #Gaza