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Sorry. that’s a horrible title for a blog post. blame the tense situation. we are still on the brink of something… things are heating up. that could mean that the cease fire is just around the corner (there is normally an intensification before cessation of  fighting) — or that things are moving into a whole new and violent phase.

But i wanted to post this picture from Ynet’s coverage of the barrage of rockets that hit Be’er Sheva this morning. As of now, more than 60 rockets have landed in Israel

אוטובוס שנפגע בבאר שבע (צילום: וטלי קינקלין)

Bus hit by shrapnel in Beersheba (Photo: Vitali Kinklin)

The point is: a bomb landing here means: explosion, fire and thousands of bullets flying in all directions as the war head explodes. that’s why you have to seek cover. or as a minimum lie down flat on the ground. yes, the risk of a rocket falling ON you is tiny. but if you are anywhere near it, the shrapnel and the bullets could seriously injure you. you can see the window of the bus — looks like someone discharged an automatic gun at it.

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