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Friday night, after shabbat has begun, Hamas decided to try its luck at fire Iranian made Fajr-rockets at Jerusalem. Thanks.

Sirens went off, we went to shelters (here we have 90 seconds to get to safety. In the south its 15 seconds). It’s one of those things that make time move really really fast and also extremely slow. Surreal and not in the good way.

Meanwhile, more than 80 rockets were fired today, including 2 on Tel Aviv. By now some 4 million civilians in Israel are living within range of the rockets. IDF has hit more than 400 targets in the Gaza Strip. But as  Maj. GenRusso: “Most of Gaza terror groups’ weapon arsenal is hidden in civilian homes“. So that sucks.

I wanted to finish on an optimistic note, but i can’t. the worst is still ahead of us. and next week will be hard. ah, so i guess the optimistic thing to say is “i might be wrong”. I’ve been wrong before 🙂

IDF deploys 5th Iron Dome Battery

Picture of the Iron Dome battery intercepting rockets and mortars. I don’t care that it is super expensive. it’s saving lives all the time.