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One of the reasons you have to learn Hebrew to read newspapers in Israel is actually not that it’ll take too long with a dictionary (and Google translate is such rubbish quality… ask any polyglot in your office. If you yourself speak 4+ languages this is a moot point), but because Israeli journalists love to make their headlines echo popular songs.

It’s a beautiful thing — a dash of poetry in a country obsessed with hard news.

Today, I saw this headline in the Times of Israel. It’s in English, but could as well have been Hebrew. And it made me smile and hum Simon & Garfunkel’s epic “America“. Wanted to share the pretty –

Lettuce be lovers, we’ll marry our fortunes together

The article itself is quaint and a good “while I drink my coffee and get my act together” read. So I recommend that too.. beyond the headline.

Also: look at the lush green…

I smile broadly now.

Hasa Aravit, or Arab lettuce, the most common lettuce found in the supermarket (photo credit: Anatoly Michaelo/Courtesy Keter Publishers)

photo credit: Anatoly Michaelo/Courtesy Keter Publishers