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*) this post originally labelled “small news items” is being edited in real time by the Ladies of the Gates. Sophia changed the title of the post she first put up because – hey – women’s rights and gay rights are not “small”.

More coverage of Obama’s win later. It’s all over the news, so we guess you don’t need our help finding it. We will spew our opinions about it later. For now – and these are my own two cents – I agree more with Obama than with Romney on all the Big Issues despite disagreeing deeply with his foreign policy.

But here is a small news item I want to high light: Remember Republican Representative Todd Akin? The Republican who doesn’t think that women can become pregnant when raped… He just lost his seat in the U.S. Senate! He’s no longer in the House, and not going to the Senate… Yes, I am actually happy about this! His seat is still woth the GOP but now Mrs. Senator McCaskill. She called Akin’s statement “offensive.”

And also happy – that in light of Obama’s win –  it will be a Democrat putting (most likely) one or two judges on the Supreme Court over the next four years. Phew!

Vera’s contribution

Richard Mourdock of “I came to realize that life is that gift from God, and I think even when life begins in that horrible situation of rape that it is something that God intended to happen” fame also failed in his bid for Senate. Mourdock had beat the incumbent Senator Richard Lugar, one of the Senate’s longest-serving members, in the Republican primaries in Indiana. I really hope we’re already seeing the end of the tea party movement..

Gay marriage also had a really successful night. Maine and Maryland approved same-sex marriage. Minnesotans defeated Amendment 1, which would deny same-sex couples the right to marry. Finally, Washington voters appear to have passed Referendum 74, which will also allow for same-sex marriage, but because of the state’s mail-in voting system and how close the vote is, no one’s calling it just yet.

So, all in all a good night for civil rights. I can’t decide whether my California liberal is feeling more warm and fuzzy, or my libertarian-leaning political beliefs (with a lower-case “l”) are. Doesn’t matter, I guess. As long as a government doesn’t take time and energy to tell citizens how to live their lives, I think it’s a good day.

But more on Obama’s win and international impact. I think ארץ נהדרת (Eretz Nehederet, or Wonderful Country, Israel’s SNL)’s meme is brilliant and had to share. I’m sure Sophia and I will give you a bit more analysis later 😛

Photo credit: ארץ נהדרת facebook

translation: Bibi (top) “Hallo, who is this” – Obama: “me again!” –  Bibi: no caption needed

Sophia’s pop-cultural additions

Vera mentioned Maryland and equal rights to marriage. So this is where we get to put the “MARYLAND!”-scene from the West Wing.

Also these meme. Because of reasons (H/T the West Wing Tumblr Lovehermindlovehershoes.tumblr.com. Yes, they named their tumblr after Josh Lyman’s comments on Judge Baker-Lang whom Barlet makes President of the Surpreme Court. See how nicely that ties into my comments above above above? It is a sign)