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I’m kinda sorta supposed to be writing a lecture, but I was watching the twitterfeed (that addictive mistress) and this popped up

And I thought to myself, “Well, that’s interesting. Didn’t WaPo endorse Obama for President?” Why, yes. Yes, it did. You know what else is interesting? The New York Times also endorsed Obama and is also projecting an Obama win tomorrow. I should probably put something here about Nate Silver’s bet with Joe Scarborough, since Nate’s been trending since it happened, but meh. Let’s all assume it was witty, yes?

With a little digging, I found this very cool breakdown of newspaper endorsements (full disclosure: I used this website for the comparisons of past party platforms. I’m now even more convinced of its coolness). I think what’s most interesting is the switch of 11 newspapers – those who changed their endorsement from the Democrat to Republican candidate. The newspapers that switched are all over the place – some SoCal papers, a couple New York papers.. In 2008, there was no move to the Republican side, but 10 papers moved to the Democrat from the Republican in the election prior. Ah, the fickle news industry.

Regardless of what happens tomorrow, whether the US re-elects the Democrat who ended up being not all the Hope and Change promised, or its first Mormon president (belonging to a religion whose founder was killed in a mob attack a little over 150 years ago while he was running for President himself) who may not stand up to a movement within his own party I find misogynistic, fiscally irresponsible, and often plain stupid, it’ll be fun to watch.