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While the UNGA (The annual general Assembly in the United Nations, taking place in NYC) is going on — and rest assured the Gates will provide commentary on Netanyahu’s speech, Obama’s speech and Ahmedinejad’s speech  and the general circus of the summit — EU’s Catherine Ashton and US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton held a meeting that went strangely uncovered by the press.


(photo from ALAMY — as watermarks indicate)

According the the EU’s press release the event was hosted by Clinton, and its purpose was to allow founding partners of the initiative to present their commitments for the political and economic empowerment of women.

“We know that anywhere in the world, where women prosper, societies prosper. In the interest of everyone is to include women in every part of society” said Catherine Ashton.

The “EU’s commitments include campaigns focused on the political and economic participation of women in countries in transition, addressing violence against women as a barrier to such participation, promoting representation of women in peace negotiations and mediation processes and advancing participation and empowerment of women within the EU.”

We support this.

But we remind you that as pointed out by us and numerous others:
Iran was elected to serve on the UN’s Commission on the Status of Women (in 2010, a four-year seat). Beyond the general repulsive lack of human rights in Iran, women are targeted. Read Shadi Sadr’s short report on “Sexual abuse and torture of politically active women in prisons” if you can stomach it.

So it’d be nice if the power team of Clinton&Ashton took this to the GA and not just as a side show.