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Over breakfast, a friend and I were talking about the importance of role models. But also about, how we have to remember not to compare ourselves with superwoman (all the time) because that means failing all the time.

There is much to be said for appreciating and being inspired by the extraordinary. I am all for it. However, our talk reminded me of this clip that’s making its rounds in social media

Allison Janney vs. Carmelita Jeter


Actress Allison Janney suggested in an interview with Ellen Degeneres on the Ellen Show that the Olympics should have an 11th Lane –  a track where a normal person was running. That way, you could really appreciate just how incredible the athletes are and just how fast they are running. Ellen (and Allison being a good sport – literally) proceeded to set up a race. With American Olympic gold medal winner Carmelita Jeter (let’s hear it for the women in sports!).

On a broader note — I wish there was an 11th lane in life. So when I look at the amazingly accomplished women on the top of my heros-list, I can see that they are extraordinary (as in ‘extra’ – out side (Latin) the ‘ordinary’  – the likes of me). And that I should be racing against myself and not against them…

Yup, the Jewish new year is coming up (Rosh Hashanah is Sunday night… whoa!). This is the time of year to seriously think about these things…