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The journey of Vera teaching me tech-skills & knowledge of ‘things’related’to’the’internet continues. Below true rendition of conversation between to two of us over wine and cake (below a link to Eddie Izzard’s fabtastic “Cake or Death“-skit) a late evening in Jerusalem… also as a proof that we have conversations about other things than policy, politics and Hebrew grammar (Vera is cramming for a language exam and I am a geek who loves languages and speaks a fair amount of them)

Sophia (retelling how much rubbish she had to go through on the internet when writing the blog post about the West Wing and Star Trek): And at some point, I had to find a good clip from the show (Star Trek: Voyager) to, you know, highlight that there was a female captain. So I go to YouTube, and do you have any idea how many people are uploading stuff from star trek?

Vera: I think I might…

Sophia (getting carried away by her own story) No no, seriously. It’s like. Crazy outthere. You know, you type in “West Wing” and you get some of the really grat scenes. and some randomness. But try “Captain Janeway” and it’s totally overwhelming. Randomness red alert! Also apparently the captain was a lesbian… There was a lot of stuff with her having a relationship with someone from her crew. I just don’t recall that at all from when I saw some episodes on TV as a kid.

Vera: Erhm. She wasn’t a lesbian…

Sophia: Dude, there were a LOT of videos. But yeah, perhaps people were making it up. Like creating their own version of the show. But I’m telling you. There are videos and songs and whatnot.

Vera: It’s called ‘fan-fiction’

Sophia: huh?

Vera: Fan-fiction. You know, fans continuing the story-telling. Like with the Captain and Seven (Seven being “seven-of-nine”, a character from the show)

Sophia: Well, that’s just confusing for those of us trying to get the gist of something by consulting only YouTube. Really unfair come to think of it. They almost tricked me.

Vera: Seriously?

Sophia: Well. Kinda. But I was confused for at least a minute. So I guess the lesson is: Don’t believe everything you see on YouTube.

Vera: Indeed.

…. so no, no one was really offered the choice between cake or death. Apparently.