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So, the Olympics came and went, and the Gates didn’t devote too much attention to the event. Besides calling attention to the BBC’s bias and the shameful refusal to honour the Israeli athletes killed in Munich…

But then a Friend of the Gates sent us a link to this article: What if every Olympic sport was photographed like beach volleyball?(Metro, August 1, 2012). As she writes:

One of the things I like about the Olympics is that we get a chance to focus on what women’s bodies can do, not just what they can look like.

Women’s volleyball seems to be a bit of an exception though, since many of the photos tend to focus on the athletes’ rear ends, often with their pesky heads cropped out

The Metro article explores the issue and brings you a series of rather disturbing pictures of men’s private parts. Clearly illustrating what would happen if other (and by other, I mean male) athletes were treated like “body parts” (and here i mean like women are treated). Well done! Now, could we call on serious media outlets to bear this in mind for the next Olympics and use their heads and not other body parts when deciding on what photos to print?

On another note, I am eager to share with you the bestest and most brilliantestest commentary on a sports segment from the Olympics. In the history of television. Ever. (Sent to the Gates of the City by the same friend who was insulted by Getty Images turning female players into rumps)

Irish Olympic Sailing Commentary:


I love this guy! Also notice how he manages to weave in certain countries; horrible human rights record (hear hear!) and calls the Netherlands the Netherlands and not Holland. Ah. Eire – Thou rockest in oh so many ways…

And while we are on things that make us laugh: Hannah Hart (the lady behind My Drunk Kitchen –– a YouTube phenomenon about, well, getting drunk while cooking and behind hilarious while doing both) designed a neat little drinking game. Do try this at home