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The pathetic:

So, Israeli media has –  rightfully – been exposing the BBC’s political take on the Olympics when it comes to Israel. First, Israel’s page didn’t have a capital (as the British Broadcasting Company, along with others by the way – but the BBC is a flagship, does not like to give voice to the Israeli governments definition of that this country’s capital is).

Then, the imagery on the website for Israel was changed this week after heave criticism: The original pictures were of conflict and soldiers. Now it’s Bauhaus.

It’s pathetic that an institution like the BBC does not exercise better judgement. Slamming Israel is easy. Wouldn’t it be nice to take the high road for once, BBC? In the name of good sportsmanship…

The hilarious:

Photo credit: BBC

BBC1 is airing special episodes of AB FAB! The show Absolutely Fabulous is… well… absolutely hilarious, if you have a certain sense of humour.

Oh, Eddy and Patsy. You bring the Oh back into Olympics!