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It’s the day after the terror attack in Bulgaria, and I am still upset and angry. Feeling mirror in the article by Prof. Deborah Lipstadt exploring the Olympic Committee’s refusal to commemorate the killing of the Israeli athletes during this year’s games in London ( Jewish Blood Is Cheap – The real reason the Olympic Committee refuses to commemorate the Israeli athletes murdered in Munich, Tablet, July 17, 2012)

 Why the IOC refusal? The Olympic Committee’s official explanation is that the games are apolitical. The families were repeatedly told by long-time IOC President Juan Samaranch that the Olympic movement avoided political issues. He seemed to have forgotten that at the 1996 opening ceremony he spoke about the Bosnian war. Politics were also present at the 2002 games, which opened with a minute of silence for the victims of 9/11.

Prof. Lipstadt’s analysis is as accurate as it is devastating in its conclusions…

The IOC’s explanation is nothing more than a pathetic excuse. The athletes who were murdered were from Israel and were Jews—that is why they aren’t being remembered. The only conclusion one can draw is that Jewish blood is cheap, too cheap to risk upsetting a bloc of Arab nations and other countries that oppose Israel and its policies.