Say what you will about the Guardian’s politic bias and what seems to me to be a rather stubborn approach to the Middle East where Israel tends to be heavily and disproportionately criticised.

They have this section on their website and it pleases me: Gender

It’s an entire section dedicated to gender issues, as they manifest themselves in politics, culture and society. Yes, apparently “gender”  means “of the female persuasion” to the folks who built the website, but it is a great place to keep track of the world.

Go check it out!

Special mention: The blog section – The Women’s Blog –  had a feature on the Shanghai police telling women to dress more modestly. You read it here first though…(my post from July: https://gatesofcity.wordpress.com/2012/07/02/le-metro-de-shanghai-aux-femmes-un-peu-de-tenue-pas-legere-response/)