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So, it’s 4th of July and to mark this, I will post something from CNN…

Here’s an interview with Estee Levanon, CEO of the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange, on the “Leading Women” from CNN (July 3, 2012 – click here to see it).

Before we start oozing pride. Notice the commercial. That’s clever… Omega’s OMG (oh my g-d how expensive!) watch is featured. I bet some clever PR firm thought “hmm… what segment is likely to watch a CNN series on ‘Leading Women’? Aha! Leading women! and if we put this watch with gold and diamonds as an ad before the interview, these women will think “I too am a leading woman and I must have this watch!”… well, I am not sure it works. I think most of the leading women with salaries that could allow them to buy an OMG watch are too busy to watch CNN random series online. It’s people like me watching. Wanting to one day become a Leading Woman but knowing fully well you can’t buy the respect and expertise women like Levanon have. And I’d rather spend my hard-earned money on shoes anyway (I do think you have to look professional but that’s a different story)

Back to Estee Levanon! She’s impressive. Happy Independence Day America — when do you get a female CEO of Wall Street?