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In my post from last week (June 27, 2012-  Human traffickers evade conviction (response)) I mentioned the issue of trafficking women in Israel.

I just* came across this episode from PBS’ “To the Contrary” (June 29, 2012) where Orit Zuaretz (MK, Kadima) participates (from around 17:30) in a debate on trafficking. And it’s really cool because:

1) Israel is part of a debate about human rights that is not related to The Conflict

2) Israel is doing something right that others can learn from, and an Israeli politician gets to talk about that.

3) It’s a female politician with a very rock’n’roll attitude — she had students passing our business cards falsely advertising sex adds, with her number on. So the men calling to book a prostitute instead got through to her so she could ask the questions about ‘costumer behaviour’ she feels are part of the debate and the bill she is introducing in the Knesset.

Linda Chavez (USA, panelist in the PBS debate and representing Center for Equal Opportunity) also stressed that fortifying borders is not enough. We have to understand human behaviour to fight this. And also — as agreed by all the other panelists – offer the women shelter and help (as Israel does).

Little moment of national pride and big moment of respect for people doing good.

*) and I promise the coming across this had nothing to do with the fact that PBS has an old episode with Meryl Streep talking about interesting things (that wouldn’t load…)